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Engagement List… this is a list of items that the bride’s family requires the groom’s family to bring to the ceremony. Failure to bring every item on the list attracts a fine or a penalty. Below are some basic items. This is not an exhaustive list.
Typical Yoruba Traditional List for the Groom
Engagement Bible Owo Isigba(fee to open the gifts on this list (usually packaged))- ₦ 500
Engagement Ring Dowry - ₦ 5,000
One Big Suitcase Owo Omo Ile Okunrin(Money for all male children) - ₦ 500
2 Different Pairs of Shoes and Bags Owo Omo Ile Obinrin(money for all female children) - ₦ 500
2 Head Gears (of high quality) Iyawo Ile - (money for all wives in the family) ₦ 500
Gold Wrist Watch Owo Iya Gbo(money for bride’s mother’s consent) - ₦ 1,000
1 Traditional Cloth (Aso- Oke) Owo Ijoko Agba (money for all the elders in he family) - ₦ 1,000
4 Other Assorted Clothes Owo Ijoko Iyawo(Money to bring in bride) - ₦ 1,000
42 pcs Obi (Kola nut) Owo Isiju Iyawo(money to unveil the bride) - ₦ 1, 000
42 pcs Orogbo(Bitter kola) Owo Ikanlekun (Entrance fee) - ₦ 500
42 pcs Atare (Alligator pepper) Owo Baba Gbo (money for bride’s father’s consent) - ₦ 500
1 Decanter of Pure Honey Owo Phone(money for phone calls) - ₦ 500
1 Big Dish of Aadun(peppered Corn meal) Owo Plane (money for travel to groom’s family house)- ₦ 500
1 Big Dish of Sugar Reading of Letter - ₦ 500
42 pcs Big Eja Osan (Dry fish) Owo Alaga Ijoko(money for MC) - ₦ 500
1 Big Dish of Salt 4 Cartons of Five Alive
42 Tubers of Big Yam 4 Crates of Can Drinks
1 Roll of Sugar 6 Bottles of Wine
1 Big Bag of Salt 2 Crates of Can Malt
Umbrella 1 Empty Decanter

WHAT does the bride bring to the engagement you ask? Well, it’s her lucky day so she just comes looking pretty!

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