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Most brides get confused as to where to start from in planning their wedding.  Here are few tips to help you.

Have you picked your wedding colors?
Have you booked for anywhere close to the wedding venue, which will be the reception hall? Reserved or booked ahead for rental equipments?
Who's gonna decorate the hall, the cars? Print the invitation, RSVP cards (optional), church programme (ensure you reserve a copy of the IV and Programme).

Your own wedding attire(s)? Are you certain they meet the dress code of the institution (church/mosque) as regards sleeves, low neckline, color....?? Of course, Do-Not-Forget-To-Buy-Wedding-Rings!! And don't forget to hand them over to the ring bearer or best man, on that day too - to take to the church or wherever.
Who's going to do your make-up btw, make your hair, tie your head you dress? You need professional touch, of cos. It's not everything that your aunts,sisters or friends can help u do perfectly, all the time.

Does the institution require you to show blood tests?  Applied for marriage licence yet?

Are you going to sell aso-ebis? For Bride's and Groom's sides, for both the trad and the white wedding?
Who and who's going to be among the bridesmaids and groomsmen? Are they aware of how much their wears might cost them? When will they be visiting the tailor? Determine how many are interested now.
Are you giving out the gifts for aso ebi (if you want to give gifts for these) as you're distributing them, so no one person can buy a single bundle, share among 6 people and then, disturb you for 6 gifts on your day or after.
What kind of sovneniers :jotters/calenders/pens/umbrellas, on which your faces're printed. Whether they buy aso-ebi or not.

Confirm which cars (2 or 3) and drivers, will be taking you, your groom, your train and maybe folks, to all the venues. Someone might need to coordinate the parking at the venue's parking lot too.

What does your guest list look like? D'you think more than a 100 people will show up? Or are you going to make it strictly-by-invitation, to help you impede chaos, even better? How are they going to sit? Just anywhere? Have you booked to have that particular caterer you've heard wonderful stories about, before someone else, makes her unavailable on your day?

 Discuss your menu with her/him. Is she/he going to be baking your cake or will you just order?
 Oh, also check in with your vendors: confirm arrival and delivery times. Also, do not forget to make arrangement for people to serve and maybe ushers too. Yes, they're different.

What about your MC, a DJ/live band, a photographer, a videographer? Give a list of important shots to take, to your wedding photographer. You get the drift-- students from so so so, members of kegites, daddy's family and so on.

Practice your dance moves if you cant dance? Don't get "served" by your hubby on that day oo. People must "spray" you money. Which of your trusted friends/fam will help you pick them up and keep them safe, until after the boogie?

Would you need to hire hotel rooms for out of town invitees? Where will you retire to, on that very day, after the ceremony? Honeymoon's where? Flight tickets?

Best wishes, Couples!

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Engagement List… this is a list of items that the bride’s family requires the groom’s family to bring to the ceremony. Failure to bring every item on the list attracts a fine or a penalty. Below are some basic items. This is not an exhaustive list.
Typical Yoruba Traditional List for the Groom
Engagement Bible Owo Isigba(fee to open the gifts on this list (usually packaged))- ₦ 500
Engagement Ring Dowry - ₦ 5,000
One Big Suitcase Owo Omo Ile Okunrin(Money for all male children) - ₦ 500
2 Different Pairs of Shoes and Bags Owo Omo Ile Obinrin(money for all female children) - ₦ 500
2 Head Gears (of high quality) Iyawo Ile - (money for all wives in the family) ₦ 500
Gold Wrist Watch Owo Iya Gbo(money for bride’s mother’s consent) - ₦ 1,000
1 Traditional Cloth (Aso- Oke) Owo Ijoko Agba (money for all the elders in he family) - ₦ 1,000
4 Other Assorted Clothes Owo Ijoko Iyawo(Money to bring in bride) - ₦ 1,000
42 pcs Obi (Kola nut) Owo Isiju Iyawo(money to unveil the bride) - ₦ 1, 000
42 pcs Orogbo(Bitter kola) Owo Ikanlekun (Entrance fee) - ₦ 500
42 pcs Atare (Alligator pepper) Owo Baba Gbo (money for bride’s father’s consent) - ₦ 500
1 Decanter of Pure Honey Owo Phone(money for phone calls) - ₦ 500
1 Big Dish of Aadun(peppered Corn meal) Owo Plane (money for travel to groom’s family house)- ₦ 500
1 Big Dish of Sugar Reading of Letter - ₦ 500
42 pcs Big Eja Osan (Dry fish) Owo Alaga Ijoko(money for MC) - ₦ 500
1 Big Dish of Salt 4 Cartons of Five Alive
42 Tubers of Big Yam 4 Crates of Can Drinks
1 Roll of Sugar 6 Bottles of Wine
1 Big Bag of Salt 2 Crates of Can Malt
Umbrella 1 Empty Decanter

WHAT does the bride bring to the engagement you ask? Well, it’s her lucky day so she just comes looking pretty!

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