Friday, 8 March 2013

WEDDING MISTAKES.... what would you have done differently.

Is there something you wish you had done differently, on or before your wedding day?
Or perhaps it's not at your wedding/ you're unmarried, but still noticed a few things at other people's, that could've been better?
You could be saving intending couples from the frustration, with any info you can share. Be you a man or a woman.

In restrospect, I never would've sold aso-ebi. Laye Laye. Or I prolly should've given out the gifts that go with them, the same time I was distributing them. Cos never did I imagine that a single person could buy only a six-yard bundle, share among one million family members of his, and then set them to struggle for 'their right' at the wedding....If only the wahala stops there. The rightful owners are still asking for their gifts till date. 

I also would've eaten before allowing myself, be zapped away to the church and reception venue, to suffer long hours of starvation, while the guests smacked down on those chicken laps. Tsk tsk tsk.

Would have gotten a wedding planner.

And worse, our pick-up ride was late. This is like a major wedding challenge for everyone. I should've asked the driver to sleep over at our place, and inside the vehicle, just so they won't magically lose themselves or their way, when they're supposed to be taking us to the venue.

How about you? Any regrets? Share.

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