Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Complete Event Planning & Management in Abuja, Nigeria

Creating beautiful wedding decor can be akin to carrying out precise, complicated surgery. One can easily go amiss resulting in death, or in this case fatal event decor catastrophe. Some knowledge on how to go about decorating your wedding reception hall.  5 key things;

The Entrance

The entrance of your wedding venue should never be forgotten. It is the first impression guests will get about the wedding, setting the tone and mood of the wedding celebration. Entrances should be symbolic and meaningful. Event experts usually recommend flowers and plants to frame the entrance. Red roses are a traditional yet beautiful choice to decorate a wedding entrance. But you can also have ballons, lovely soft lighting or themed draping.

The Sweet Heart Table

Is the space reserved to honour the bride and groom through out their wedding reception. It is the focal point of the event and is usually more elaborately decorated than the rest of the hall. Candles, ballons, unique lighting and flowers are usually used to decorate this space. Decorating the Sweet Heart table is a serious matter. It frames the bride and groom through out the celebration and symbolises their love and union.

The Centre Pieces

The centre pieces placed at the centre of each table at the wedding reception create an unmatched elegance and refinement to wedding decor. Simply put, it takes your decor to another level. It is your chance to personalise your wedding in a unique and memorable way through these pieces. Traditionally, centre pieces are flowers arranged to fit a colour scheme or theme. You can also have candles, ballons, or sculptures as the centre piece. Don't be afraid to step outside the box and try something bolder, like intricately carved flee market figurines. Alas! No flee market figurines in Nigeria, but you can find unique items at the Arts and Crafts Centre in Central area.

The Table Linen

Table linen may seem like the least of your decor worries. However don't make the mistake of devaluing this important tool. It plays a significant role for setting the mood and tone of the event as well as creating harmonyby bringing all the elements of your decor together Linens are usually used to cover the tables but can be used as chair coverings too. Once you pick a theme and colour scheme it should be easier to pick your linens.

The Lights

Well thought out and unique lighting are sometimes all you need to create that memorable wedding atmosphere. As Karen Sullen words it, it's a "Language of Lights" once you understand how to use different types of lights you are halfway to creating your dream decor. The right lighting can transform a mundane meeting room to a fantastical winter wonderland. Its all about understanding the language of Lights.


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